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We are engaged in the development and creation of websites. With pleasure we will realize your desires and ideas.


Change the appearance, remove labels, replace the menu, change the background and many other issues can be quickly solved by contacting us


Add news, counters and new modules. Set up or restore your site.


Single-page website

from 300 euro


from 500 euro

Online shop

from 1000 euro

Website for photographer

from 300 euro


To order the site, fill out the contact form. This can be done by clicking on the "Order site". Our experts will contact you shortly for further details.


Here you can find examples of our work

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


The website for Nepalese company devoted mototourism in the Nepalese Himalayas

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


Website of the company "Siberika", creating environmentally friendly natural components of fir and cedar

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


The website brings together Billy Novik (Billy's Band, The Hat Bar, the St. Petersburg Jazz Aktiv)

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


Website of the best wedding host of Russia 2017 wedding Awards in online voting across the country

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


Multilingual site dedicated to motor tours of the Nepalese Himalayas

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


украшения в стиле стимпанк

АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов


Websites of
event agency

If you have any questions or need advice, our experts will be happy to help you.


I really liked the cooperation with Igor: everything was done quickly and efficiently. Just Igor very quickly corrects defects not taken into account in the TOR.
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
V. Kovatzenko
Jew's harp master
Igor is a great, friendly and super-fast web developer. In just a few hours of interactive work the site was ready. It is pleasant and easy to work with professionals. Thank You, Igor.
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
Billy Novik
Billy's Band
The Hat Bar
St. Petersburg Jazz Asset
Before the new year, I lost control of the domain, I had to look for a new site and do it again. Had to throw the call in the network, about finding the "master sites"). Responded several companies involved in creating websites and Ihor Kozachuk. It was funny that during the same time of negotiations with the companies and Igor, with the managers of the company we came to the amount of services of creation and design, and Igor has already done and showed a sketch of our site!!) Know the difference? One for the amount left, and Igor layout done! The site is like all the founders and friends! I am happy with the result and mutual understanding in the process and the cost of work. Igor thank you!
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
Roman Golovanov
The head of the company "Sibirika"
Igor was making a landing page for the event. Made very quickly, efficiently. I would like to note his quick response to all customer requests, adjustments and additions. In addition, of course, it is important that the payment for work on the site was quite budget. Be sure to next time we turn to Igor.
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
Daria Dovbish
The commander of the municipal headquarters of student teams of Saint-Petersburg
Благодарю Игоря за качественную, и самое главное, во-время сделанную работу. Обращался к нему с тремя проектами и все три раза работа была сделана на пять!!! Все мои пожелания были учтены, а добавленный им креатив превзошел ожидания! Также, хочу отметить оперативную поддержку моих сайтов. В общем, если вы ищите разработчиков вашего сайта - от души рекомендую этого разработчика!
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
With gratitude, Oleg
I was very glad to cooperate with Igor. Surprised his attitude-always online, patient to edits, gives advice based on his experience, experimenting and most importantly understands the tasks. During the creation of the site communicated remotely and, frankly, did not feel any discomfort. Thank you for your work, based on the goals - completely satisfied with the result! Yes, and it is important - reasonable prices.
АЭС. Агентство Эксклюзивных Сайтов
Denis Demidov
Best wedding
host of Russia 2017
Wedding Awards


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